A Welcome Message and Invitation from The Directors

We welcome you to our home base Website for Sebastian Family Psychology Practice.

We thank you for your curiosity and we look forward to sharing with you who we are, what we do, what motivates us, and the beneficiaries as well as the Stakeholders.

As of June 28th, 2021, we have completed almost 15 months of having to operate and continue our range of services within the context of Covid-19 Pandemic. We are glad to report that while we have operated primarily remotely, core services have continued and our presence and commitment to the community has not been diminished. Indeed, we are pleased to report that because of the Pandemic and the preexisting humanitarian and social justice challenges, and inequities in access and use of behavioral services, the Pandemic has created an increase of 10-15 % need for our services.

As we dare to persist into the 2nd part of 2021 21, and staying consistent with our mission and vision, we intend to do the following:

  • Continue to deliver our traditional core services.
  • Strengthen the bonds of our collaborations and partnerships with our community stakeholders.
  • Nurture and seek to expand these partnerships to other stakeholders across the state, the region and nation.
  • Additionally, in reference to our role as contributing to the State and Nation’s behavioral workforce, we recommit to hiring, training, retaining, and launching a talented team that will have multiple expertise, be multiculturally wide, practicing evidence and experience-based skill sets.
  • As has always been evident to us that in our capacity to truly serve the needs and interests of individuals entrusted to us, we strongly believe that the role of family and community as self-defined and acquired, remain critical. The lessons learned from severe challenges that our Nation and the Globe have endured since 2020 are guiding us in how we move forward in delivering care and partnering.


    Sebastian Ssempijja, Ph.D
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Yvonne Ssempijja, MBA, CPA
    Co-Founder & Director Of Operations

    Our Programs & Partnerships

    Wraparound Milwaukee

    A managed care designed for children with complex mental health and emotional needs.

    Outpatient Mental Health & AODA

    Mental Health and Substance Abuse services through health insurance or private pay.

    Refugee Mental Health Program

    Free direct behavioral health care for refugees that meet eligibility requirements.

    List of all Programs & Partnerships

    Involvements in the Community

    Making impacts and differences

    Grandmothers Beyond Borders

    Grandmothers Beyond Borders began as a response to Mary’s story, a grandmother in Uganda who buried 14 of her children and is raising her 10 grandchildren in poverty. Mary is one of hundreds of thousands of grandmothers in Africa who care for and bury their own children and with amazing strength and courage become parents all over again.

    Job Opportunities

    Sebastian Family Psychology Practice, LLC is looking for the following positions in a fast and busy working environment. Ideal candidates will have affective skills in engaging with staff and clients in friendly and respectful manners. Our clinic works with underserved and special populations of various ethnic backgrounds. Candidates will enjoy a diverse working environment with a clientele of various culture and language. We are an equal opportunity employer and will consider all qualified and serious candidates.